Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer merges Storytelling and Technology to create Storytelling which Transforms the player.

Karen Palmer’s is an award winning multidisciplinary immersive filmmaker and public speaker internationally. I.F. Interactive Film is Karen’s production company within which she creates her commissions for Art Institutions and solutions for commercial clients.

Karen is privileged to be working with a high calibre of International Partners, Sponsors and Collaborators.

Brunel University London: Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

National Theatre Immersive Storytelling Studio

Parkour Generations International

Nebula London

Jolico International Fashion

Cassandra Weeks Stylist

Brunel University is collaborating on the programming aspect of the production with IF Media on SYNCSELF 2 and RIOT.

The organiser of this collaboration is Dr Hongying Meng and his several Masters and undergraduate students in the Electronic and Computer Engineering Department of Brunel University London. Dr Meng is a lecturer at Brunel and also an honorary research associate in the UCL Interaction Center of UCL.

He has wide research experience including affective computing, digital signal processing, machine learning, human computer interaction, computer vision and embedded systems in the projects sponsored by EPSRC, EU, TSB, Royal Society of Engineering, etc. He has authored more than 60 publications received more than 800 citations. He is a member of IEEE and HUMAINE Association (http://emotion-research.net). Recently, he has won the affect recognition sub-challenge in International Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge (AVEC2013: http://sspnet.eu/avec2013/ ) at international conference ACM Multimedia 2013, Barcelona, Spain, 2013. He also won the audio sub-challenge of AVEC2011 in 2011(http://sspnet.eu/avec2011/).

Karen Palmer is delighted to be continuing her relationship with Parkour Generations.

All her previous five films feature Parkour Generations freerunners’s as not only are they the most dedicated and passionate Traceurs she has come across but they embody the values of Parkour in their lives.

Having trained with them herself personally they have empowered her immeasurabley through parkour.

The narrative in her Parkour films are a collaborative physiological journey between herself and the Freerunner’s featured within the films.

In this project Karen is privileged to be working with Gogoly Yao, Blane, Dominic Willoughby and Shirley Rowat.

Special Thanks to Dan Edwardes for special support and Alli Shelton and James Gore who collaborated on previous projects with me.

Parkour Generations is the world’s largest professional organisation for the stunning movement discipline known as parkour or freerunning. Working around the world for over a decade, the founding members of Parkour Generations came together to create a vehicle to transmit the incredibly strong benefits and positive effects of this amazing art form.

NEBULA sponsored Karen Palmer to create and brand her website

Brad Clark has over decade’s experience prior to establishing Nebula as one of London’s foremost company for innovative website marketing, social media expertise and computer training.

http://nebulalondon.com Brad specialises in creating bespoke identities for independent companies through all digital media formats, and has worked with me to create a modern, dynamic interactive visual showcase for my work.


With years of experience working for and with companies such as Apple, Google, Sony, HP, Virgin and the UK Government we have developed the skills and know-how to offer you unparalleled support for your home and office technology.

Beyond technical support, Nebula also creates slick and technologically current websites for business heroes and creative superstars. If you need a new website or help with anything else get in touch or book an appointment.

Jolico sponsored Karen Palmer her outfit for TEDx Sydney at the Sydney Opera House. Karen represented innovation which is one of the key cultural values of the brand.

Jolico is an International high end fashion brand based in London right next to VOGUE London and truly unique of its kind mastering the perfect blend between elegance and innovation. Joanna Karg the CEO has created an exceptional brand with exceptional brand values of innovation, sustainability and couture design.

 Joanna KargCreative Director Design Jolico Clever Clothing

Office22 Hanover Square, W1S 1JP, Mayfair, London, UK

Cassandra Weekes was the stylist for special and promotional events at TEDx Sydney Australia.

Fashionista Cassandra Weeks is an emerging stylist on the independent fashion scene in London. She thrives on being apart of the independent fast paced industry, and regularly frequents the vibrant London fashion catwalk shows of students and established talent in order to be remain connected to the latest cultural trends and rising stars.

Cassandra specialises in creating connections with PR companies, designers and fashion students. Her passion and commitment make her a popular person on the scene.

One of Cassandra’s strongest qualities is that she delivers under pressure. I have worked with Cassandra on three projects and each project she has delivered a high calibre bespoke look and style to a very tight deadline.