Public Speaker


Below is a selection  of highlight Speaking Engagements 2018.

Nederlands Film Festival was keynote speaker and teaching a workshop, the title of the event was Our Brave New World, Netherlands (29-30 Sept)

Wired for Wonder Festival, here’s my Talk as opening speaker for theme was inspiration and wonder, Australia Sydney & Melbourne Wired for Wonder (11-13 Sept)

Expanded Realties symposium  The future of Immersive Storytelling, London (7 Sept)

IFA+Summit Innovative Summit in conjunction with the biggest Technology trade show in the world, Berlin (2nd Sept)

Neuro-Hackathon  keynote speaker, Technology and Neuro Science, London (25 Aug)

XConf  Technology Conference, NY (20 July)

Silbersalz Festival, was keynote speaker, Future, Science & media Festival, Halle Germany (28 June)

ThoughtWorks European Technology Summit (23 June)

Strategic Storytelling Seminar NYC Lincoln Centre (14 June)

Microsoft Storytelling Summit Keynote Speaker (May)

ZKM Keynote speaker, AI Conference,Living amongst Intelligent Machines” Karlsruhe Germany (29 April)

MIT Special invited speaker, Sensory Storytelling (3 April)

2017 CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, she spoke under the theme, Art, Technology & Change, that focused on the rising political awareness and activism at the intersection of art, technology and social change.

Speaker at the PHI Centre The New Storytellers Conference.

Spoke at Lima’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) and the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) to be part of Radar Creativo, a new programme of activity to develop links between arts, technology and entrepreneurship. Teaching an Art & Tech Workshop.

Speaker FoST Global Summit

British Council flew Karen to South Africa for Talks at the Fak’ugesi Festival.

 2016 Speaker  Tedx Australia at the Sydney Opera House.

Speaker at The Google Cultural Institute Paris, as part of their Art and Machine Learning Global Summit. For a small group of invited guests (Artists, cultural leaders, Google scientists and academics ) to explore Arts and Machine Learning.

Speaker Games for Change Festival NY.

Worked closely with the British Council Canada .Speaker at Mutek and part of the International Women in Tech think tank.

Bergan International Festival Norway Speaker.

2015 Karen was a keynote speaker at DiGRA 2015 The World’s leading Academic Digital Games Conference in Germany.

Her neurogaming parkour installation Syncself 2 was a key exhibit at Sheffield International Doc Festival 2015. She was a speaker on the Neuroscience in Gaming Panel and discussed her Syncself 2 that simulates the process of transcending fear with EEG sensors tech. A glowing article in The Guardian followed.

2014 Syncself 2 was exhibited at the V&A as part of the Digital Design Weekend  Karen discussed her artist journey at the WOW Talks.