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Karen Palmer is an accomplished International Public Speaker

  • Invited International Speaker TEDx Australia the Sydney Opera House-2016
  • Invited Speaker at MUTEK Audio Visual Festival Montreal Canada 2016
  • Invited International Speaker Games of Change Conference New York -2016
  • Keynote speaker at DiGRA 2015 The World’s leading Academic Digital Games Conference in Germany-2015
  • Karen was a Speaker on Neuroscience in Gaming Panel at Sheffield International Documentary Festival -2015
  • Invited Speaker The Watershed Bristol to discuss How Tech can enhance the Storytelling Experience -2015
  • Invited Speaker, Mentor and Judge of student work Uppsala University Sweden-2015
  • Invited Transmedia Speaker Conducttr Transmedia Conference-2014
  • Guest Speaker on Mindfulness and Digital Media at Second Home East London-2014
  • Karen spoke about my journey to the V&A at the WOW Talks series at the Apple Store Regent Street -2014
  • Presented her work at  Scamp She Says Media Conference -2012
  • Artist Talk at The Flagship Apple Store Regent Street 2012
  • Presented her interactive film The Way at the ICA and BAFTA-2009