Storyteller from the Future

A.I., Film, Furturist, Immersive Media, Implicit Bias, Installation, Sensory Storytelling, Workshops

“My brain has literally exploded and is coming out my nose!” Future of Storytelling Summit.

I am an Award Winning International Artist and Public Speaker. I speak about my my work at the intersection of AI, Immersive Storytelling, Neuroscience, Consciousness, Implicit Bias and moving through Fear. Past topics include:- AI Voyage: Can Conscious Storytelling Save Us? Implicit bias. Democratising AI. The Future of Storytelling. How Art & Tech have the power to change your Cognitive Behaviour. How Storytelling effects the reality narrative.

I am the “Storyteller from the Future”. I came back to enable you to survive what is to come and that is why I created RIOT.

RIOT is an Emotionally Responsive Film that merges Storytelling, Gaming, AI, Facial Recognition and Neuroscience that make your conscious of your subconscious behaviour. It enables participants to become aware of implicit bias and consciously build new neurological pathways in their brain, through override automatic behavioural responses and moving through fear.

RIOT was Honoured as part of the Digital Dozen Break Throughs in Storytelling 2017 by Columbia DSL.

Articles include Forbes,  CBS TV,FastCompany, Engadget, Guardian to NBC …