Film, Immersive Media, Installation, Interactive, Mobile App, Public Realm

Interactive Parkour Film Experience.Multi-platform- Live site installation, Online & App (currently in development).

2012 Commission by Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Have you Synced yourself recently?

SYNCSELF combines Gaming Technology with the genre of Film to create a unique interactive experience, to simulate the experience of being a freerunner.

SYNCSELF simulates the experience of being a Freerunner, through an immersive cinematic film that is controlled by an App.

In this age of technological dependency, have we neglected the most powerful system at our dis- posal? The Self!

We always prioritize downloading the latest update on our iphone or computer, but do we ever take the time to Sync our Selfs

Freerunners have to constantly update their belief system or personal operating software to over- come the most recent obstacle.

Placing control of the film in the palm of the hand of the viewer.

This interactive experience encompasses Film, Gaming, Visual Art and Interactivity.

Enabling the viewer to explore the journey and psyche of the Freerunner in a playful way.

The Viewer can mix between the four soundtracks that the Freerun- ner is alternating between in their mind as they train. The Sound- scape of the Environment, The Freerunner’s personal thoughts in theirMind. Music and a Spiritual Perspective.In order to create their unique audio mix.

SYNCSELF consists of two separate films. The viewer can decide to play the Male or Female Free- runner.

This innovative approach creates an active participation in the experience of being a Freerunner.

Being a freerunner and a filmmaker my work explores the physiological aspects of Parkour as much as the physical movement. I am fascinated by our psyche as Free- runners, and what ultimately enables us to commit and take that leap of faith.