A.I., Film, Identity, Immersive Media, Interactive, Narrative Building, Sensory Storytelling, Technology, Workshops

“I have been stuck for a year and a half! I now know exactly what to do. Thank you” Fak’ugesi Festival

Bespoke Creator Workshop Facilitator

Previous workshops include:-

Creator workshops by Karen Palmer enables creatives to identify their own unique (digital) storytelling voice. Using Mindfulness & Creative development and Parkour techniques

Through creating her (award-winning) Sensory Storytelling works, ‘Storyteller from the Future’ Karen Palmer has gained many insights how to be the creator of your own unique stories and how to get them made. Drawing on these insights, she devised a methodology for imaginative creators to move through their fear in order to create new worlds and transformational experiences for participants through (digital) storytelling.

Designed for all disciplines of creators, from artists, film makers, writers, performers, designers, technologists and strategists.

“Your 3 years ahead of everyone else.” MICROSOFT .

Enabling Corporates to break new ground through bespoke creative leadership workshops

Previous clients include:-

Topics & Modules Include:-

  • AI/ Implicit Bias/ Future Trends/ New Technology
  • Multi-Sensory Immersive Storytelling/ Storytelling & Tech
  • The Future of Storytelling
  • Creative Concepts brainstorming, development & execution
  • Corporate/ Personal Narrative development
  • FutureSelf/ Self Hack/ Hack Fear Discovery Workshops
  • Parkour / Consciousness/ Neuroscience Modules

The workshops are designed to hack your subconscious, in the same way that my digital art experience does, but in a bespoke tailored vibrant interactive format. Enabling participant’s to become conscious of their subconscious behaviour, becoming aware of internal thoughts. Through integrating Neurological, Mindfulness, Creative and Parkour techniques I guide the participant through fear to reshape their own narrative. I have titled this methodology “Subconscious Narrative Building”.