Perception iO

A.I., Fear, Immersive Media, Implicit Bias, Installation, Interactive, International, Sensory Storytelling, Technology

Sneak peak of my latest Exhibition Perception iO at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in Manhattan, running for a few more months, as part of the Face Values AI Exhibition. Catch it while you can! The participant takes the POV of the body cam of a police officer 👮‍♂️. You will view a hostile situation, coming into contact with both a black protagonist and white protagonist.How you respond to the scene will have consequences for the characters (in form of a branching narrative) influenced by your emotional response. Will your implicit bias betray you? @cooperhewitt @ellenlupton @thoughtworksarts @sheshotmefilms @thoughtworks R&D- @tobiipro @nyuniversity #PerceptioniO #DaretoPlay #artificialintelligence #artificialstupidity #storytellerfromthefuture #cooperhewitt #exhibition #implicitbias #ai